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A special add-on for nannies and babysitters

Photo by Kristen Rogers

Photo by Kristen Rogers

What can our members do if their children want to visit the Zoo while being cared for by a nanny or babysitter? What if the member’s kids want to see the lions, but the parent is unavailable, busy or at work? For example, a Household Basic level membership is a great value at only $85, but it only includes up to two named adults living in the household listed on the cards and all the children in the household age 21 years and younger. If someone cares for the Zoo member’s children on a regular basis and those children want to visit their favorite Zoo rhino or elephant, what do we offer? What option do we have for working families? How can these member children visit the Zoo as often as they would like for free?

We recommend that member families add a Caregiver level membership. For only $30 each, this level is an add-on to a family membership. This level (we allow members to purchase up to 2) is for a named babysitter, caregiver or nanny who may bring a member’s children to the Zoo. The “caregiver” receives his or her own member card with their specific name. This add-on level is linked to the family’s main membership. The Caregiver member card is sent to the member family within 7 to 10 days of purchase. To receive free admission with the member’s children, all the babysitter needs to do is remember to bring and show their Zoo member card with their name on it and a photo ID at the Front Gate. Again, the two memberships are linked in our database. This link gives the caregiver and the member’s children free admission and access to the Zoo’s Member Express Check-In on busy summer days. It’s a wonderful convenience for your family!


Photo by Kelli O’Brien

Caregiver members enjoy many of the same perks as our regular Zoo members. Caregivers and the member’s children may enter the Zoo early (at 9:30 a.m.) from April 1 through October 31.  They can receive the 10% discount on purchases in our ZooShop. Caregivers may also visit many of the reciprocal zoos or aquariums and receive a discounted admission rate. As with regular memberships, we always recommend checking with the other facility in advance for their unique policy. The membership is paid for by the member family and is designed for the specific caregiver to visit with that member’s children. Therefore, we (and many other organizations) do not allow a caregiver to visit without the member’s children. Please note that this is designed for a specific individual who cares for one family’s children, NOT for a daycare provider who cares for the children of multiple families.

A Caregiver level membership may be added at any time of year and at any point during a family’s membership cycle! Our Zoo staff will pro-rate the price of the Caregiver level membership so that it will coincide with the main membership’s expiration date. This makes renewal of both levels more convenient the following year.  If your nanny or babysitter changes during the membership period, we can change the name on the Caregiver member card at no charge.

Nannies and sitters with this special add-on feature are part of our Zoo family! Purchase a Caregiver level membership and give the adult who cares for your children regularly the ability to visit the Seneca Park Zoo with your children for free all year long. It is also a terrific savings, since summer adult admission rates are $11 each and can add up quickly. But most importantly, your children will thank you!

– Natalie Lipton, Visitor Services Manager


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