Snowy owls are here

Photo by Maddie Johnson

Photo by Maddie Johnson

You don’t have to be a seasoned bird watcher to notice snowy owls appearing in the skies around Rochester. Reports of these beautiful birds near Braddock’s Bay and the Lake Ontario shoreline at Charlotte and Summerville have been popping up all over Facebook and in the media. Just last week there was an article in the Democrat & Chronicle about this temporary influx though our area.

These gorgeous white spotted owls have migrated in this direction due to the large abundance of food available in this area. The Harry Potter series of books and movies brought attention to these birds as Harry’s pet owl, Hedwig. Kids everywhere suddenly decided they wanted an owl of their own. That is not something we would ever encourage, but we do have two resident snowy owls in our collection available for ZooParent Adoption.

Snowy owl ornamentYou can “adopt” an owl as part of our ZooParent program. Donations made through this program provide enrichment items that offer physical and mental stimulation to keep our animals healthy and strong! For as little as $30, you can adopt a snowy owl for one year and receive a personalized certificate, a fun fact sheet about the snowy owl, a matted 4”x 6” owl photo and see your name on our ZooParent Board  in the E.C.O. Center here at the Zoo. You will also receive an invitation to the annual ZooParent Party in September! In addition, as part of this special winter adoption package, you will receive an exclusive 2013 Snowy owl ornament!

There are many levels of ZooParent Adoption available. Please check out the list of benefits on our Web site or call the Member Office at (585) 336-7212.

Meanwhile, I hope you are lucky enough to spot one of these magnificent birds in the wild while they are here temporarily! If not, you can always see or adopt one here on your next visit to the Zoo!

– LaDonna Court, Membership Coordinator


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