Outside reps go out of their way to help!

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

When walking up to the Front Gate, you may have noticed people in blue shirts, clipboards in hand, mingling with visitors waiting to enter the Zoo. These are our Outside Visitor Service Representatives. They are there to welcome you and ensure that your visit is pleasant from the moment you arrive. These knowledgeable staff members can answer questions from “Where is the nearest bathroom?” to “How much are dues for a membership that allows guests?”

They are trained to help our members complete a renewal form or obtain information about promotions, corporate member discounts or reciprocal zoos. These energetic reps can also act as our Member Express Check-In Staff, so our members should be sure to have a valid member card and photo ID ready and take advantage of this benefit of entering quickly!

As part of the Front Gate Team, these employees are trained to monitor heavy visitor traffic flow on busy attendance days. They can help visitors get into the correct line for general admission or membership and then move through that line as quickly and safely as possible. While some families choose to pay general admission, these reps can provide information about the value and benefits of Zoo membership. Again, they can assist with choosing the level that meets their needs and completing their form before they reach a cashier’s window.

In May and June, many teachers make reservations for their class to visit the Zoo. Some of our Outside Visitor Service reps are assigned to safely unload and load school buses, while others are assigned to handle the crowds of these students’ family members that gather in the Front Gate’s entryway. In the summer season, staff may even be stationed at the Zoo’s Exit Gate to ask members and visitors to take part in a survey about their Zoo experience or plans to become or remain a Zoo member.

As you can see, the duties and responsibilities of these dedicated seasonal employees are varied and vital to operations at the Zoo. So be sure to stop and say “Hello” to our Outside Visitor Service reps when visiting the Zoo. They will go out of their way to make you feel welcome, keep you informed and ensure your admission interactions are as fast and efficient as possible … all so you can begin your enjoyable Zoo visit!

– Natalie Lipton, Visitor Services Manager


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