Take a ride to and from the Zoo!

DSC_0012Warm weather has arrived and that means more visitors. Families seem drawn to the Zoo to spend time outdoors with their loved ones and our fascinating animals. We recognize that increased attendance and the distance between the Front Gate and the remote overflow lot create a need for a visitor-friendly way to transport families to the Zoo. Here’s something new that you may not know about…

Monroe County purchased an old-fashioned, San Francisco-style trolley. This bright-blue motor vehicle with a traditional wood interior was acquired used from Bradelton, Florida. It was part of that community’s tourist-friendly downtown transportation system. The trolley is available for various Monroe County Parks department needs, but on summer weekends, holidays and for special events, it is made available to transport Zoo visitors. We’re so pleased that this distinctive vehicle has found a new home in our community!

The trolley runs back and forth between the remote overflow lot on St. Paul Street and the RTS Bus loop outside the Zoo’s Exit Gate. There is seating for 25 people and, although we discourage standing, there are rails for another 10 people to stand. In addition, it can accommodate strollers and wheelchairs. Trolley hours vary based on the attendance that day and runs until there are no vehicles left at the overflow lot. We make sure that no car or family is left behind!

The next time one of our dedicated parking lot volunteers directs you to park in the overflow lot, please consider it an opportunity to enjoy a ride on our new trolley. This free service — designed for convenience, efficiency and safety — provides an added fun experience for the whole family!

– LaDonna Court, Membership Coordinator


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