Mom, may I have a rhinoceros?

Photo by Valerie Kostreva

Photo by Valerie Kostreva

Of course, our animals are part of a living collection and must reside at the Seneca Park Zoo. But there is a way to answer yes when children ask to have their favorite animal!

Please consider adopting a white rhino for your child or as a gift. The ZooParent Adoption Program provides funding that allows our zoo keepers to purchase the enrichment items you see in the exhibits, such as the ropes, slides and boomer balls. These items stimulate the animals physically and mentally. The basic adoption donation starts at only $30. At the ZooParent level, the adoptive parent receives a personalized certificate of adoption, a fun fact sheet, a matted 4″ x 6″ photo, plus their name on our ZooParent Board in the E.C.O. Center for one year. The adoptive parent will also receive an invitation to our annual ZooParent Party in September!

We also celebrate the birthdays of our signature animals. This provides another way for kids to feel like they are a part of an animal’s life in lieu of taking it home. For example, children can attend our birthday party on Feb. 9 for Bill and Roscoe, the Zoo’s resident bachelor white rhinos. Feel free to bring a gift of unopened extracts or spices that zoo keepers can use as treats for enrichment. These half-brothers are one of the most amusing pairs of animals at this Zoo. They are all “boy” with their rough-and-tumble playfulness. Crowds gather when they are up to their antics!

Please consider adopting an animal at their birthday party or any day at the Zoo’s Front Gate, online or by calling the Member Office at (585) 336-7212. Adoption packages are generally processed in 5 to 7 days.

The next time your child asks for something out of the ordinary, like having a Zoo animal, remember our animals are available through the ZooParent Program. We’d love to make your child’s wish come true.

– LaDonna Court, Membership Coordinator


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