ZooParents will celebrate Dara’s birthday!

Photo by Tina Fess

For the 13th year, our ZooParents are invited to celebrate our Bornean orangutan Dara’s birthday at the annual ZooParent Party! This event, held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, September 23rd in the Zoo’s Eagle’s Landing Pavilion, honors the generous support of those who adopt Seneca Park Zoo animals.

The party is exclusive for our ZooParents; they can stop by the Zoo after dinner or bring a picnic and dine under the Pavilion. We’ll supply beverages and a wide choice of delicious goodies for dessert. ZooParents and their guests can relax while enjoying animal encounters by our docents and then wander through the Zoo in the evening. In addition, they should be sure to enter the free raffle that night for a chance to win the grand prize – a giant plush orangutan and ZooShop gift certificate, or one of the table centerpieces! This year’s party will also feature giveaways and a large animal mural for kids to color. We encourage donations at the annual party of unopened spices, extracts and low-sugar cereals to help keep our animals active and engaged in their enclosures.

Our animals benefit from the ZooParent adoption program through enrichment items like the balls, ropes and treats you see in their exhibits. These items allow zoo keepers to offer our animals the physical and mental stimulation they would experience in the wild, while keeping the animals healthy and alert at the Zoo. Enrichment items provide choices, challenges, exercise and important socialization such as activities that mimic those necessary in the animal’s natural habitat. Positive reinforcement forms strong, trusting relationships between animals and zoo keepers which are vital for quality health care procedures. In addition to an invitation to the party, ZooParents receive a photo of the animal adopted, personalized certificate of adoption, fun facts about the animal and their name listed for one year on the ZooParent board in the E.C.O Center. At higher levels, there are additional benefits like framed photos, passes to the Zoo, a ZooShop gift certificate or behind-the-scenes tour.

Photo by Kelli O’Brien

In response to the party invitation sent in August, many people have replied that they will attend. But it’s not too late to be part of the festivities – RSVP today! Or if you would like to become a ZooParent and attend with guests or give an adoption as a gift, please call (585) 336-7212 or visit the ZooParent page. Do it today. ZooParents can enjoy an exclusive evening at the Zoo and all of the Zoo’s animals will benefit from your generous support!

– LaDonna Court, Membership Coordinator


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