We’re making a “FUSS over PLUS” member families!

By offering an extra activity and a unique behind-the-barrier experience for our higher level member families at the July and August Night at the Zoo event, we’re making a real FUSS over members who give extra support. PLUS member families at the Household Plus, Grandparent Plus, Penguin Circle or Special Friend levels will have access to the PLUS Tent for an extra activity for your children (or grandchildren) and a unique behind-the-barrier experience!

Admission to the event is not free, since this event is a family-friendly, activity-filled way to support the Zoo. The discounted member admission fee is $7 and this year; all entertainment, games and crafts are included in the price of admission. Food and beverages will be available for purchase.

Access to the PLUS Tent is a member benefit based on extra membership support. To accommodate everyone at higher levels, these member families may access the PLUS Tent and its activities only once, in either July or August.

To protect the rights and benefits of higher level members, we will ask to see current member card and photo ID that night. We’re sending members at the higher levels a notice in the mail this week requesting an RSVP by July 23 (for the Thursday, July 26 event) and by August 13 (for the Thursday, August 16 event). By calling (585) 336-7212 or e-mailing members@senecazoo.org with name and number attending, these member families may reserve a spot (only once) for their family to access the PLUS Tent during this after-hours event.

Night at the Zoo is open to the entire community. The event on July 28 and August 16 is open 6 to 8:30 p.m., $10 for non-members and, as I mentioned, only $7 for our members. In addition, children age 2 and younger are free. Members and non-members may pay the fee and attend as many times they’d like. But we’ve added the exclusive one-time PLUS Tent experience for members at higher levels.

If you’re a member at a higher level, look for your notice in the mail this week. If not, ask about joining or upgrading to the Household Plus, Grandparent Plus, Penguin Circle or Special Friend level at the Zoo’s Front Gate or contact the Member Office at the phone number above. Let us make a FUSS over your family, too!

– Karen Panosian, Visitor Services Director


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