A cure for cabin fever!

Are your kids getting restless during February break from school? Are siblings having a tug-of-war over a favorite toy? Are the walls closing in on you and your youngest family members?

Photo by Diane Weisskopf

Visit the Zoo this week – it’s the ideal place for children to breathe some fresh air, burn off extra energy and exercise both body and mind. I believe that cabin fever can be “cured” with a simple dose of Zoo; my “prescription” is that your children take a brisk winter walk in and out of our animal exhibit buildings on their way to the Rocky Coasts. Once there, they should rest in the warmth of the Gallery and have fun learning about and observing our amazing polar bears. At 11 a.m. on Wednesdays, we offer an additional “therapy” when your little ones can hear a story and meet an animal during Book and Beast in the Z.O.T. Zone.

On the way back to your car, your family ought to stop for hot cocoa at the Eagle’s Landing Café and take advantage of the 10% member discount on books and cool toys at the ZooShop. So please take my advice; visit us today and you’ll be reminded why the Zoo is THE Natural Place for Families — in February and all year long!

– Karen Panosian, Visitor Services Director


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