Zoo fun in February?

Yes, during February your family can enjoy fun-filled experiences at the Zoo! This time of year our polar bears, Amur tigers and snow leopards are most comfortable.

Photo by Marie Kraus

Take a brisk or leisurely stroll through the Zoo on a winter day and encounter these fascinating animals and many more. There is so much to see and do indoors, as well. Whether you stop in the Main Building to watch the Bornean orangutans swing from rope to rope, duck inside the E.C.O. Center to view our frolicking North American river otters, take time out to appreciate the interactive learning opportunities in the Z.O.T. Zone or marvel at the California sea lions from the Rocky Coast Gallery, your family is sure to be entertained.

Gather your group at a table under the heated Eagle’s Landing Pavilion when you purchase a delicious lunch or a snack from the Eagle’s Landing Café. And check out the unique gift items at the ZooShop, too! There’s sure to be something fun for your kids or as a gift for an upcoming special occasion. So, yes, there’s plenty of fun here in February – plan to visit us during February Break Week when your children are out of school. And if you’re a Zoo member, it’s fun and it’s free!

– Karen Panosian, Visitor Services Director


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