Recognize Roscoe!

Photo by Grayce Scott

Looking for ways to show your appreciation for an animal in our care? Visit the Zoo from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 4 to celebrate with Roscoe, one of our white rhinos, as he turns eight.

Zoo keepers will decorate his exhibit, give him some special treats and docents will run a touch table station with fun facts for families like yours. We will sing “Happy Birthday” at 2 p.m., too! This event is free with Zoo admission, so attendance is a wonderful way to honor this popular and endangered species.  We can’t celebrate all our animal birthdays, but check the listing on our Web site for when we may be recognizing the big day of your favorite Zoo animal this year.

You may also show your support through our ZooParent adoption program.  For as little as $30, make a donation that will go directly toward important animal enrichment items, like the balls, ropes and treats you see in animal exhibits. Your generosity will allow zoo keepers to offer our animals the physical and mental stimulation they would experience in the wild, while keeping the animals healthy and alert at the Zoo.  And you, or the recipient of your unique gift, will receive benefits based on the level of support. From a personalized certificate, photo and more at the $30 ZooParent Level, to a behind-the-scenes, meet-and-greet animal experience at the $250 or more Conservation Steward Level, we will always pay tribute to the support by listing the person’s name on the board in the E.C.O. Center. Please consider recognizing Roscoe’s or another animal’s birthday or acquiring a unique gift for your loved one’s upcoming special occasion by adopting a Seneca Park Zoo animal.

Zoo membership will demonstrate your commitment to wildlife conservation and the survival of our animals, too. Roscoe and his half-brother, Bill, came to this Zoo from the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee in 2004. They serve as representatives of those rhinos who roam and graze the open grasslands and floodplains in pockets of eastern and southern Africa. In addition to terrific benefits all year long for your family, Zoo membership provides exceptional care and enrichment for endangered species here at the Zoo, enhances our conservation efforts both locally and internationally and enhances the experience for all our guests through improved visitor services. Follow the example of thousands of area families who appreciate our animals and join or renew today.

Whether you show your appreciation for a Zoo animal by attending its birthday celebration, purchasing an adoption or being a member, please know we recognize and value your generous support of our mission. Thank you and happy birthday to Roscoe!

– Karen Panosian, Visitor Services Director


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