A Penguin ZooParent adoption is the perfect gift

Photo by Jim Grapenstetter

Do you remember the great penguin-themed movies from a few years ago? I think March of the Penguins was a brilliant documentary, Madagascar brought out the little kid in everyone, while Happy Feet made us all want to dance. What’s not to love about adorable penguins?

The Seneca Park Zoo has one of the largest African black-footed penguin breeding programs in the country. I found that to be a really neat fact about what we do at the Zoo. Why not make this Mother’s Day special and adopt a penguin here at the Zoo for your mom, grandma or loved one? It’s a unique gift and your donation will help all our “mom” penguins here at your Zoo! Adoption funds allow our zoo keepers to purchase special foods, enrichment toys and other sea-based treats to keep our birds happy, healthy and entertained.

Photo by Kelli O'Brien

Also, be sure to check out the newly renovated Penguin Exhibit next time you visit. I think you will be quite impressed with the new “digs.”  Watching our real penguins interact is better than watching a movie any day!

Gift certificates for ZooParent adoptions can be in your hand right away by purchasing them at the Zoo’s Front Gate, online at www.senecaparkzoo.org or by calling me at (585)336-7212. Take a moment today to order the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

– LaDonna Court, Membership Office Coordinator


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